Monday, 8 June 2015

Stress and other cathastrophies

So what to blog about? What for most People seems to be a pretty straightforward answer is a bit of a hustle for me. For other people probably too, it just looks like they know what they want to blog about. Major topics in owns life for example.

So my life. Honestly it is just stressed out at the moment. I might have been overly optimistic when I thought it´s a good idea to study 3 semesters at once. Give or take Latin as a new-to-learn language... Still we only know where our limits when we are pushed to our limits. Where would the fun in life be otherwise?

I don´t complain thou, in a strange way I enjoy it. At least I hope that I don´t complain too much, others might argue different here. It´s a good feeling when you look at what you´ve accomplished.

In other news. I still have that catastrophic girl in my life. While time is of the essence and we definitely have not enough of it I still enjoy the time´s given. It shortens my free time but its time being free. Guess I can´t really complain about that.

So my life in short, I work a lot for university, watch Star Trek DS9 and do a puzzle in the meantime. Maybe next time I find something more thrilling to talk about.

Till then
Your awesome SkyLuke

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Cause life is far to complicated to spent your time thinking about it

"Girls, they cause all the trouble" Strictly speaking this is not true, I know a hell of a lot of boys (or grown ups, as we don´t want to be called boys, it sounds so immature and gives away our true nature) who are more trouble at times than they are worth. In this particular situation however, I agree with the words of my father. Girls!

Last Sunday, I started an 'operation' (neat word for I have no plan but I think I have a goal) to get a social life. Everybody else seems to want to get one. This is already the second weekend I have to spend alone, while my flat mates travel through Germany. Mostly with beer it seems at times ;) So, in order to not be all alone, I went out into the strange place people call the 'real world'. It was fun. I danced into the beginning of the month, got drunk and walk at the water side while talking about female characters in books. Not all necessarily in short proximity of time to one another.

What is funny however, is that on Tuesday before that weekend, where I had not plans of having a social life, I met a girl and you all know how things go then. No not that! We went to the theatre, a great adaption of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I really love that story and enjoyed the play very much. Not only because of the good company. Strangly enough, on days like that it always rains. Guess it is just gods humour.

Honestly I don´t know where this will take me (and maybe her) in the long run. It is complicated, probably the only reasonable thing I learned from facebook. You don´t always form bonds, relationships, friendship and other kinds of ships (really why ships?) in a matter of hours or days. Weeks can past, even months, without any real developments. Human relations are complicated processes, that tend to annoy the crap out of everybody. Probably only a psychologist would claim he has any idea how they really work.

I´m drifting off. My point is (as stated above) that don´t overthink your relations. Give them time to prosper like plants. Repair them like muesli bowls when they fall down (obviously not plastic ones) and don´t just throw them away. Give them a bit of time and effort.

Take life one step at a time.

The awesome SkyLuke

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Long time no see

So, it has nearly been a whole year since I last wrote on my blog. I just completely forgot I owned it in the first place. So don´t expect regular updates, as I don´t think I earned that trust, yet hopefully. Still, a lot has changed and as everybody else seems to have his own personal online diary, why not continue with it myself. If people are interested in reading about my life alright with me.

Not that you will find my deep soul here, well you do but it´s under the surface of my posts. So you would have to interpret and analyse it. Don´t do it, you probably get somewhere great but not to my inner kingdom. This is not my diary, I got one and it serves me great for getting my head clean. No need for an Online one, where privacy is a word without any meaning whatsoever. Still, I guess when talking about anything I will relate it to my own life and if you want to know what I had for breakfast your better of heading towards twitter. I am on there now, thanks to my flatmates.

Jeah I know, I got flatmates, I actually moved since my last post. I think there was a hint in earlier ones that I wanted to swap to the university of Kiel. Well it worked, not 100% as I wanted it to but that's life alright. Would be boring if everything turned out the way you want it to. Where would the obstacles be? The difficulties? Friends and we can continue this metaphorical line till I run out of words. Which at this point I have, because what do one write now?

I guess (after having a cup of tea - delicious!) that it is a good idea to talk about what I want this blog to be. Sadly I don´t have the slightest clue. Other peoples blogs deal with their lives, problems, pictures and what not. I mainly use the blog as a training ground for writing English. Still with time to come I guess that's exactly what I will do. Write about topics. No idea what they will be, so if you want my opinion on something feel free to tell me.

Guess that's all for now, more will follow in time.

The awesome SkyLuky (still love that word!)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cause life is missing and living

Hey there,

it has been a while since you heard from me, your totally awesome SkyLuke. Totally sorry for that, it isn´t really that I didn´t had the time, just that I spent the time in other places then this blog. Seems paradox, I created this blog to share my great experiences (even the not so great or nice ones, after all they will be great some day, as it was these that allowed me to grow). So I hope you accept my apology and continue to read about my life.

So there have been a great load of great things that happened since my last post. I went to Kiel (for Study purpose) and I went home to meet up with my lovely family. I had great parties for a good friend moving away and a nice birthday (happy birthday to me^^). Nothing more really to say, there is a lot on my mind but this is really the platform to announce what goes on in my head (after all some of you might want to get me into hospital afterwards^^).

Still I think in the days to come you will find some thoughts of mine here in the Internet.

All for now, but not for ever ;)

Your awesome SkyLuke

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Living in the Internet

Hey guys, today was a rather special day as me and some friends of mine decided to start a You Tube-Channel called "Cantina Gamers".
( ). Check it out if your intrested in people with no life playing games (probably a LOT of Star Wars, as we are nerds and proud of it) on the computer and having no social life whatsoever. No, of course that isn´t completely true, it would be hard to have no social life and in a sense you could argue that streaming and having fun in the Internet (while playing games, don´t get me wrong!!!) is a new form of social life.

For the purpose of this post I will call this i-social life. Funny how everything with an 'i' in front of it sounds like some sort of cool apple product. Totally not worth the cost but so prestigious that everybody would love to have one. I´m drifting off...

My point really is, in our new modern world a lot of people are of the opinion that 'back to the roots' is the answer to deal with a super quick, global system of information sharing that changed our lives in ways we could have never dreamt off in the past. 30 years ago people talk to one another to meet, today we can do this on WhatsApp (I personally don´t have it but my mum uses it for that purpose). Not being on facebook was a real problem for a friend of mine as everybody just forgot her when parties were being planned. Without an e-mail-address you probably couldn´t even survive in the western world. Nothing new I´m telling you there, still I like to remind people how much time we spent every day in an relationship with technology.

Backing off is no solution, but is having an i-life one? Having a blog and as of today a you tube-channel I would say no, but it helps. We want to show ourselves out into the world, express our feelings and maybe even have the wish to get noticed. In a crowd we want to stand out and that's totally human. Problematic it gets, when people only live in their e-world (e = electronic).

It is as important to have a e-mail address as it is to go out into nature for a walk and fill your lungs with fresh air. Life is all about balance, if you spent to much of your time outside you will sooner or later loose your ties to society in a sense. If you only spent time with your PC or smart phone, you may have a 10000 friends to talk to, but will be lonelier than the all mighty himself. Meeting people in the Internet is ok, meeting those people in real life (with of course proper security arrangements) is ok but not necessary. Meeting people every day for a drink is ok but so is meeting people only once in a while for a drink. Convention dictates that we need to be around people all the time to be really 'happy' and 'well connected'. This is not true, to be honest I don´t like having people around me every day. I often enjoy being alone or only living online for a day.On the other hand these times alone give me the motivation to meet more people in real life, hanging out with friends or going for a walk down to the sea. If one side gets the upper hand, the other one balances it out. My personal balance so to speak.

Find the proper balance between this two parts of life and you will be fine. Don´t let others tell you how much time in the Internet is bad for you or how your isolated because you don´t go out enough. Your life will always be your life. Sometimes we forget that and bow down to society. Never do that.

The awesome SkyLuke

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Cause life is winning and letting others win

What a strange title you may think? Nowhere is the concept of 'losing' mentioned even if you probably can guess that this post will be the first negative one I will put on the blog. I thought a bit about actually putting it here, but in all honesty it sort of seems right. I won´t create the image of myself always being happy and seeing the best in every situation. I grave to do this, I always try to be awesome by not getting things hit me in the well protected castle I call my heart. Still, I am human and that image would be false. I cry sometimes, I fear sometimes and sometimes I loose the ability to see the best. No heart is safe from this. Never thing for one moment you actually could be safe in your heart, because it always will be a lie. There are just days that hit you like a truck from the beginning and other days where everything goes right and then something tinny goes wrong for you and you feel depressed. Normally the brain hasn´t got a say in this. The later one is what today and part of yesterday is about. I want to stress, I don´t want your sympathy, I don´t want anything from this, I can cope with myself just fine. I just want to write it down here, free for all, and want you to think about it.

Well today started great, my family left (ok that maybe is a bit sad^^) and I went to catch up on a bit of sleep. Later the evening there was a festival at our university where I wanted to be with some friends. Well I was there and it totally backfired. I don´t know where on the way towards that evening I wanted to just play the game of getting somebody laid. It was just an idea that kicked off, just a bit of fun for some friends. Well maybe a bit more that just fun, maybe I wanted them to be happy. Afterwards you can always name motives for your actions, so let´s just stick with the facts. As you should always lead by example I talked to some girls and actually my first conversation went alright. I got to know her name, she clearly wasn´t uninterested for a flirt. Sadly I lost the momentum and her friend and her went away and later that evening I couldn´t find them to correct my mistake. Well I waited to long and that's fine. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. That's alright and I wasn´t to bothered about it. Sadly my later moves didn´t went so well either and so I focused on getting others a partner for the night. You know, giving them the extra mile they need to actually themselves make their move instead of sitting on the bench waiting to be swapped. (I apologise if this metaphor is not so fitting, not a huge football fan). It worked and first I was really happy for the person, then another one followed and in the end even the last of my group got somebody to go home with. Only me left and that puts me down a bit, who wouldn´t be at least a bit sad? Still don´t let it get to close to your heart if your the only one not picked that evening. Sometimes you win, sometimes the others win. Try to be happy for them, next time maybe they will be the one left unpicked. I know it isn´t always easy but give it some effort, cause giving up the next time will not be an option. Believe me and after all at least I can sleep with a lot of space in my bed without an obstacle called human and don´t have to offer someone breakfast. I agree it could be better but it could be a lot worse :)

The awesome SkyLuke

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cause family is awesome

Today was a great day again, not only didn´t I have to go to university but also my mother and my two little brothers came up to my study place for a visit. It´s great to see them all again, as our last meeting was at least two months ago. My brothers continue to grow and I fear in the near future they will stand like a tower above me. We had a great walk at the beach, nice cups of tea and a brilliant sea side dinner in a restaurant. Tomorrow we can all have breakfast together and be grumpy at each other. What better way to start a day.

The awesome SkyLuke

PS: Sorry this post is so short, but I am really sleepy and there really isn´t much to say which I would like to share with the whole world. Some things should stay private ;)